Anonymous: I met 2 guys this summer one, who I became super close with and I could tell everything to and his friend who I ended up falling in love with and making out with. Well we all were going up to a cabin for the weekend and I found out he is bring another girl... who is his gf! Apparently I was just a hook up. While they were on a "break" idk if I should tell her. But to make things more crazy the guy who's my bestfriend he told me he liked me... I think I might like him.. But I'm confused

Well you are deff going to be confused! I think you need to go with your heart and your head on this one. If that guy was cheating on his gf it says a lot about him. If you have feelings for your friend and he likes you and he doesnt have prior attachments i would go for him


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don’t worry, be happy ✌️

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